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UPDATES - Specific latest additions and more of my sites. LINK

TESTER - My infamous Personality Tester. LINK

CATS - How to walk your cat. LINK

ANTS - I would like to think that...? LINK

STORIES - I've written a lot of short stories. LINK

PIANO - My JC solo piano music site. LINK

FINGER - Interesting snap of the Universe...hee :) LINK

ESCAPE - Having troubles at home? :) LINK

ANIMATIONS - The best of my animated gifs. LINK

PSYCHED - Psychedelic Mandalas - CD stickers/labels. LINK

SPFX - My attempt to try and drum up some music work. LINK

QUOTES - Some of my fav quotes that I have written over the years. LINK

GAME - Tricky game I wrote in HTML. LINK

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